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A Notice About Upgrade to OToon 1.1 From Older Version

The following notice are changes that will only affect user installed OToon prior to version 1.1.

I apoligize for any inconvenience you met during the upgrade process. But this changes is so important that it can prevent lots of bugs thus can save you more time in the future. So please bare with me.

Prior to OToon 1.1, Gradient keys of each ramp texture are stored inside GradientSettingsManager.asset. This is no longer the case. Start from OToon 1.1. OToon now store those gradient keys inside texture’s meta file itself. This way we make sure the gradient key data will never lost even something went wrong on the GradientSettingsMaanager.asset.

For existing gradient created prior to version 1.1, We provide a setup wizard to transfer all graident keys stored inside GradientSettingsManager to it’s correspond ramp texture’s meta file.

:bulb:The OToon Update Wizard window should pop up the first time you updating to OToon 1.1 package into your project through package manager.

Step by step upgrade video guide:

Step by step upgrade guide in text:

  1. Import updated OToon package via package manager.

  2. You will notice your ramp texture’s graident key inside material editor became empty. image

  3. When the OToon Update Wizard window pop up, hit the Auto Setup Button. Or open the wizard window through Tools > OToon > Legacy Gradient Data Transfer Wizard. image

  4. It should take sometime to re-import all ramp textures. And below log message will print to console. image

  5. All gradient keys should be visible on material editor now. image

Known issues

As of 2022/4/3, I’ve notice that edit the ramp texture inside gradient window won’t update the gradient field in realtime on the material edtior. Unless user click the apply graident changes button. The issue will be fix in the next update next week. But user will still required to click apply graident changes button after edit grandient. Because it’s when the unity editor will perform save assets and reimport(Which make sure your texture state is updated and clean).