OToon Shader

All you need for toon shading.

OToon Package Install Guide

OToon shader is develop for Unity’s Universal Render Pipeline. Make sure your URP is correctly setup before import the package.

This page demonstrate how to setup the project before & after you import the OToon package into existing Project. If you have no experience of setting up URP project I recommend you to read this page before import OToon.

Installing the Universal Render Pipeline into an existing Project

For text-based guide please check Unity’s official installation guide of URP.

Here’s an step by step video of how to install URP.

OToon has been test in 3 major URP version(URP 7, URP 10, URP 12). Make sure your URP version number is between those versions.

Import OToon

After install URP into your project. Import the OToon Package via Package Manager.

Check URP Status

After import OToon Package, we provide an helper window to check your URP status.

Select Tools > URP Setup Helper. image

An window that display your project’s UPR status will pop up. image

If everything show green then you are good to go. If not, check the red text and see which step you have missing.